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Discover Medellin, Colombia

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Discover Medellin, Colombia
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Meet Up Location Medellin, Colombia
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Let us welcome you to the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia! We are thrilled to offer you a six-day, five-night tour that will take you on an unforgettable journey through some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

Our adventure begins with a visit to one of Medellin’s most renowned natural wonders, the Piedra del Peñol. This massive rock formation is a must-see attraction and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Next up is a leisurely boat ride along one of the city’s scenic waterways. Take in the stunning views and maybe even spot some of the local wildlife as we make our way through the lush Colombian landscape.

No visit to Medellin would be complete without a trip to Parque El Poblado. This vibrant park is a hub of activity and culture, where you’ll be able to soak up the local atmosphere, sample some of the delicious local cuisine, and catch some live entertainment.

We’ll also take a ride on the famous Metro Cable, a cable car system that provides breathtaking views of the city and its majestic mountains.

For an even more breathtaking view, we’ll take a helicopter tour, soaring high above the city and seeing it from an entirely new perspective.

We’ll also take a fascinating tour of the life and legacy of Pablo Escobar, exploring the man behind the myth and the impact he had on the city and its people.

We’ll visit the charming village of Pueblo Paisa, where you can experience the unique culture and traditions of rural Colombia, and also explore the beautiful Parque Botero, home to a stunning collection of sculptures by the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll visit the vibrant and colorful Comuna 13 neighborhood. This once-dangerous area has been transformed into a hub of art, culture, and community, where you can explore the vibrant street art and try some of the local cuisine.

Our six-day, five-night tour of Medellin is the perfect way to experience everything this amazing city has to offer. Don’t miss out on this adventure of a lifetime – book your tour today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!



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