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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Jean Perales

Tour Guide

Hi there! My name is Jean Perales, and I am a proud and experienced tour guide at Salsa Tours PR. I have been leading adventure tours through the El Yunque Rainforest for over 8 years, and I am passionate about sharing my love and knowledge of this beautiful and unique ecosystem with visitors from around the world.  

    Reinier Serrano

    Tour Guide

    Hi there! My name is Reinier Adbiel Serrano, with my passion for nature and extensive knowledge of the local flora, fauna, the river and its trails, I am dedicated to providing visitors with an unforgettable experience exploring the beautiful “El Yunque”. I am committed to ensuring that every guest feels comfortable and safe while learning about the unique ecosystem of this rainforest. Come join me!

      Gabriela Olmeda

      Salsa Instructor

      Presently, I am in my 2nd year at the University of Puerto Rico where I am studying to become a Social Worker. 

      Since I was a child, I have exhibited an intense interest in the fine arts, particularly in drawing, music, theater, and dance. However, out of all of these, my ultimate passion has always been dancing and teaching this exquisite art form to individuals who are unfamiliar with it.

        Sheila Osorio Ferrer

        Folklorist and Educator

        Sheila is a charismatic and passionate Loíza native who has dedicated her life to preserving our cultural heritage and passing it on to new generations. She has achieved significant recognition in various international and local programs, including Netflix and National Geographic Traveler. Currently, she is the founder of Bomba N’Zambi, Inc., an institution that impacts lives through dance and culture.

          Jose A. Catala

          Artisan, Musician, Dancer, and Bomba Instructor

          I’m Jose A. Catala, and I’m deeply passionate about preserving Puerto Rico’s rich cultural heritage. I’m a skilled artisan, musician, dancer, and Bomba instructor. Through my intricate art, I aim to reflect the essence of Puerto Rican culture and pass down its traditions. In music, I take pride in my rhythmic skills, creating soulful melodies that celebrate our musical legacy.


            Jan De La Paz

            Dance Instructor

            Jan De La Paz is a multifaceted professional. He’s a Salsa instructor, a Spanish language educator working on his doctoral degree in leadership, a national dance champion, and the artistic director of Latinbeat Entertainment Dance Company. Jan also shares his expertise through Salsa workshops in Latin America and the United States, often invited as a featured instructor at Salsa congresses and festivals.

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