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LineaXpress – Private Transportation Services


LineaXpress - Private Transportation Services
Cheaper and more eco-friendly than other ride-sharing services. Drivers receive or keep 100% of their tips. (By reservation only with 24 hours' notice).
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  • Cost Per Miles Starting at
    $0.90 PLUS TOLL
  • 8-Hour Flat Rate: Starting at
+10% Standard Service Fee for each trip and drivers receive or keep 100% of their tip.
When: Your Choice
Where: Your Choice
Time: Your Choice



We’re delighted to introduce our outstanding private transportation service with professional chauffeurs in scenic Puerto Rico. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, our diverse fleet caters to all your travel needs.

Plan your trip today and enjoy a worry-free visit without the hassle of searching for transportation, especially in areas where it may be less accessible. Let us handle the navigation, ensuring you stay on the right path.

Our services include:

  • Point-to-Point Transfers
  • Daily Flat Rate
  • Custom Routes and Excursions or Tours

For point-to-point transfers, we’ll need specific details to provide accurate rates, including service date, pickup time, location, airline and flight number (if applicable), drop-off point, passenger count, main passenger’s name, main passenger’s contact number, and luggage estimate (if applicable).

The Daily Flat Rate with Chauffeur offers an open-service approach, without a predetermined itinerary. It guarantees an 8-hour block of time at a discounted rate, with additional hours billed at an hourly rate. The rate varies based on your chosen vehicle. During this time, the vehicle and driver are at your service. To receive a quote, provide us with the date, pickup time, location, drop-off point, and passenger count.

Vehicle Options:

  • 4-Door Car (4 Passengers): Ideal for a stylish and comfortable ride, perfect for small groups or solo travelers.
  • 6-Passenger SUV: Enjoy extra space and luxury, suitable for families and groups seeking comfort and convenience.
  • Tour Van (12 Passengers): Immerse yourself in Puerto Rico’s experience with a dedicated tour van, designed for camaraderie and exploration.
  • High Top Roof Ford Tour Transit (14 Passengers): Perfect for larger groups, this spacious option offers ample headroom, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Offer Highlights:

We offer two flexible choices:

  • Hourly Usage: Explore Puerto Rico at your pace, with chauffeur service available whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Flat Rate: If you have a set itinerary, our flat-rate option provides assurance and simplicity, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying your journey.

Pricing and Enhancements:

Our pricing is tailored to provide exceptional value. Feel free to reach out to us directly for comprehensive pricing based on your selected vehicle and service duration. We are ready to customize our offer to better suit your requirements.

It’s important to note that all our transportation services include fuel, tolls, and, most importantly, a knowledgeable companion and chauffeur well-versed in Puerto Rico’s streets and routes. Let us handle the navigation while you relax and enjoy the ride stress-free.

Leave the navigation to us – contact us today to secure your transportation partner and let us effortlessly guide you to your destination in Puerto Rico.

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